Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Left Coast Crime

Off to LCC

Left Coast Crime is my favorite conference. Sure I like Bouchercon. It’s the biggest and most exciting. Malice is elegant and friendly. Thrillerfest is …well, it’s New York. I hope to get to Killer Nashville one day. I hear that I will love it. And there are plenty of other small conferences that appeal in various ways.

So why is LCC my fave? First, it’s in my backyard. So to speak. That means it’s west of the Rockies—including Hawaii. The second is related to the first. Because it’s on the west coast, it includes a lot of people I know—not just Facebook friends, but face to face friends.

So tomorrow I’ll be on the plane to Phoenix and looking forward to seeing writing friends who are something like family—friends I may only see once a year, but who know what my daily world is like.

I also have a personal warm feeling about LCC because it sponsored the first award I was ever nominated for. The fact that my co-nominees were Sue Grafton, Tim Hallinan, Darryl James, and William Kent Krueger made it ultra-special. I’ll always have that memory. And it will always be associated with LCC.

Here are a few photos:

Tomorrow morning! I can hardly wait.

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